Moments, Memories, Achievements, Victories, Awards, Recognition - Big or Small - Cherish Them All!

Congratulations!  You have done the work to identify the needs you want to focus on, established some realistic goals, and opened your mind to the positive state of gratitude.  To help build confidence, I encourage you in this section to recall your personal strengths.  These can take the form of past successes big or small.   It's really helpful that you do not brush these away in your current state of negativity (if that is how you are feeling), and remind yourself of some of the wonderful things you have experienced and how you felt about them at the time.  This section helps you do this.

What Are Your Good Memories?

What ever your experience or background, take a calm moment to look at your life in a non-judgemental, objective way and allow yourself to remember some of the many good things that have happened to you.

Whether it was having a nice chat with a neighbour or winning the Nobel Peace prize, what matters are the positive feelings associated with the memory.  These experiences and associated feelings that have been stored away in your memory are your treasures of the heart.  As you re-experience these positive feelings you are more likely to be able to link them with your future goals, increasing the chances of their successful completion.

Create a document of such moments and ensure you give yourself time to savour the good feelings you have with each memory. It may not be easy to do at first, but persevere.  Don't let your mind tell you the exercise is pointless.  It isn't.  You need to be in touch with these experiences as much as possible to help you through the challenges ahead.  They are all poignant reminders of how positive life really can be. 

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