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Emotionally Wealth Workshop

Emotional Wealth explains what money is and explores your relationship to it.  It gives you the skills to overcome stress associated with it and the inspiration to use it as a tool to help you build a fulfilling life.  Emotional Wealth is a one day workshop based on the latest thinking from psychology and neuroscience as well as the insights of ancient wisdom.  

The essence of building a healthy relationship with money is about being very clear about what you need.  In addition to this, finding healthy ways to serve others in ways that meet your needs whilst helping them meet their own needs

Emotional Wealth is a powerful one day workshop in 4 sections.  Day starts 9.30am and finishes 5.30pm.  In this workshop you will learn how to build an Emotionally Wealthy lifestyle, that places your mental health, clear thinking and creativity at the centre of your life and empowers your relationship to money.

The four sections of the day are:

  • Part 1 - What Is Money? Understanding what money is and where your relationship to it hinders you
  • Part 2 - Giving and Receiving Release yourself from the limiting conditioning of the money culture
  • Part 3 - Your Emotional Needs -  Understanding your emotional needs and money's true place in service of them
  • Part 4 - Flourishing - Learn how get your needs met and use money to help you
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