Imagery provided by Joanne Theaker

Imagery provided by Joanne Theaker

We are entering the age of abundance.

How quickly and powerfully can we connect with the limitless positive energy that is moment by moment creating and sustaining all life in the universe?  This seems to be an essential task.  As technology advances scientists search for and develop new renewable energy sources, which are more abundant with less harmful side effects than burning up the earth-bound, carbonised results of purer and older forms of light energy that were around from the beginnings of the universe. But beyond, behind and beneath and above these physical forms of energy lies the metaphysical form of energy that we experience without the help of nuclear power stations or even wind turbines. This metaphysical energy was discovered by humanity before the discovery of fire, iron, and bronze and certainly before plutonium. In fact its discovery at the dawn of humanity was triggered by the same elemental abundant sources of light energy that we are now so busy trying to understand and tap. The world of humanity has to date been mired by its development of less abundant scarcer forms of physical energy as a means of survival.  The scarcity that characterise such energy forms , breeds competitive social behaviour which tends to bring out the worst aspects of narrow self interest and fear leading to societies based on controlling hierarchies which are essentially exploitative. No one wins in a situation where there are the haves and have not’s. It’s a totally unsustainable society in every respect, wasteful of all material and metaphysical energy. Its generally an exhausting place to live for everyone and a place where the most common questions on everyone’s lips is “there must be more to life that this” as we are all forced into lives of scrabbling around for scarce resources.

The recent riots in the UK are just another in an endless stream of social problems that if we’re honest we really don’t know how to resolve. The pundits and politicians throw their views at each other and calls for stricter clamping down on a lawless minority are heard everywhere. The really surprising thing is that we are shocked at all by any of this? In a world where the vast majority of the planet’s population have nothing, a person dies every other second due to starvation, waterborne diseases’ and AIDS (over 40 million this year so far alone of which 85% are children), the differential between the have’s and have not’s is widening constantly, the idea that a life of constant consumption, mixed with a little education and healthcare is the Utopia we’ve all been dreaming is not going to work. Is it such a shock that people could do this? In a world where there is no leadership, we’re more terrified what the “market’s” think of us, that whether we are developing ourselves our humanity where the drive for monetary and material wealth has become our god, where narcotic abuse is on the increase, is this all so much of a shock. The only surprise is that’s its not happening more often.

The fundamental truth that millennia of the study of metaphysics has given us, that life is a remarkable miracle and has unbelievable potential for positive growth and development. The only question that matters is why not more people can believe this and wake up every morning with courage compassion and wisdom brimming from their lives and why instead they are beset with anxieties and views of the world that prevent them from seeing this!

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