Beautiful Metaphors

Each of us is a story we are trying to write. Sometimes we get in the way of this story, allowing the outside to influence us too much.  All we can do is nurture the story inside of us by not being afraid, listening to our hearts as openly as possible and making determined and persistent efforts of self-improvement and having faith that moment by moment, as long as we are doing our best, we are writing our story and in so doing are in a state of revelation.  If we do not improve ourselves then how can we expect to grow and move forward and write our story?  The act of self-improvement is the underlying story of all humanity.  The pleasure we get from knowing we are writing our story is one of life’s deepest pleasures.  We rarely know what our story really is until it unfolds.  If we feel frustration that we are not all we could be then that is a positive sign that we are moving towards it and we should take heart.  Some have revealed their story others are in the process of revealing it.  All however are essential for not one story is enough for the totality of life.  Each of us is a unique story and is to be treasured.  No-one’s story is better or worse than anyone else’s.  It takes great strength and courage to write a story.  It is imagination and visualisation that is the force that enables us to write the next word and often one will experience enormous negative sensations.  When we ponder these feelings we find that our negativities are often a result of the pain of our learning.  All learning and growth involves pain.  The pain of battling to understand what we do not yet understand is the very pain of birth and creativity itself and we should never be disheartened or surprised by this pain.   We must take heart though and use the swords we have in our hand to battle this lack of understanding.   We should realise that it is perfectly natural that we do not understand everything and indeed have humility in what we do understand for humility is one of the best weapons we can have against our ignorance.   We must have patience too.  Everything grows in its own time and so patience is another great weapon of self-development.   This is not to say that we are out of control.  We manage time. Time is a dance of energy between the two aspects of self and our environment.  Time is a principle we cannot force but we can entice if we can find the right thoughts words and deeds of encouragement.  But we should never think we can ever sit back and let time take its course because otherwise this dance partner will leave us for more interesting pastures.  Time likes us to take the lead.  When we treat time with care then miraculously we are rewarded by the beautiful actualisation of our growth.  We should realise that our story always involves others and as we help others write their story so we become better authors ourselves.  Such help is always the fastest way to improve our own story writing skills.  Competing is a win-lose scenario and always less productive than the more positive energy of the win-win energy of helping others to write their story.   Where anyone or anything loses there is negativity that affects everyone – even the person who appears to be winning will in the end be losing.   The meanings of our story is timeless and eternal even though we may not be here to tell it, our story will be told again and again, in our children and in our friends and colleagues and in the trees and grasses.   Leaving a beautiful and inspiring story is all anyone can do and is the greatest gift we can bestow.