The Science of Spirituality

Imagery provided by Joanne Theaker

Imagery provided by Joanne Theaker

Sometime’s one is fortunate to be present at the start of a new strand of wisdom and thought that one senses, from all one knows already, has the power to create a new process to help people, organizations and whole societies move to a higher level of understanding and development. You can’t predict where you may find such ideas. In my case I found myself in a small hotel just north of Bristol, amidst around a dozen other people to hear a seminar entitled the “The Science of Spirituality” organized by the Human Givens Institute.

Being interested in spirituality and economic reform all my life I had been somewhat intrigued with the title of the weekend. The joining up of scientific and spiritual thought seemed a potent combination with important implications for human development – I was interested. In fact little could have prepared me for the truly revelatory nature of this event organized around a review a defining new book by the founders of the Human Given’s institute, Ivan Tyrell and Joe Griffin, entitled “Godhead - The Brain’s Big Bang – The explosive origin of mysticism, creativity and mental illness.

The book followed decades of research and practical application of a whole new approach to human development referred to as the “Human Given’s” and described in detail in 2003 in their seminal work – “Human Givens – A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking”. Over the past few decades the founders have established an entire school of psychotherapy and leadership with now some 1000 practitioners working as individual therapists and organizational consultants. Their ideas are already coming to the attention of the higher echelons of the UK government.

Building upon the organising ideas in Human Givens psychology and bringing in knowledge and discoveries from areas as diverse as archaeology, anthropology, ancient history, philosophy, physics, religion and spirituality, Godhead offers an explanatory framework for how the entire universe operates. It is a deep exploration of both the human and the universal condition and begins with one of the most important events in collective human evolution, which took place about 40,000 years ago – something which is commonly called the ‘brain’s big bang’, at which point human imaginative power exploded creating complex language art and culture and scientific development.

The book serves to validate the profundity of Human Given’s ideas, which are being proved further by the actual experience of their successful application amongst people and organizations in the toughest of psychological and social circumstances across the UK.

We are living in a time, as Ivan Tyrell comments, when “we have chaos everywhere – economic chaos – food and energy chaos. The renewable energy field is being corrupted. All kinds of problems are mounting up not to mention the rise in mental illness. The world is facing the greatest ecological crisis it has ever faced. Human beings need to raise their game. We have the knowledge and skills. But we need to up skill people and be aware of what constitutes good mental health. Its only if we can create this healthy space in our minds that we can anticipate another uplift of consciousness that is necessary to create this great shift.”

Ivan and Joe have made it their life mission to help create such a shift. The Human Given’s Institute they have created represents one of the worlds most modern and intelligent responses to the plight it finds itself in. Anyone who is interested in the positive development of human society needs to look at the ideas of Human Givens’, which are profoundly compatible with the wisest thinking we find in the spiritual and scientific worlds. Furthermore Ivan and Joe have developed a lexicon and practical application that brings out the beautiful simplicity of the truths of how human beings can successfully develop. In such a short piece all I can do is strongly recommend you read and investigate their works as soon as possible. To find out more go to

Joanne Theaker HG. Dip.