Are we addicted to bad news?

Is there still a media conspiracy to keep us in a constant state of fear about the world? Is our innate evolutionary tendency towards focussing on negative emotions and thinking drawing us to doom and gloom? Is bad news easier to stomach? Is good news too saccharine for our hardened pallet? This is an old article but the ideas are still relevant. Modern media news covereage still is too often a montage of bite sized misery, cynicism and doom. Its not so much what is reported but the manner in which it is reported. Perhaps all media people should have to study philosophy, positive psychology, the principles of the positive development and evolution of human consciousness and take some kind of public oath to always seek to make the positive development of people and society the heart and soul of their work before they are allowed to start printing their notions to a wider public....…/media-misery-nation-of-whingers