Is politics all about the middle ground when it comes to it?

Had an interesting dinner discussion yesterday with a avowed conservative who believes that everyone who is unemployed should get on a bike and go and get a job.  I did my bit for friendship by keeping calm and trying to understand this view.  She also seemed to believe that actually there is not much exploitation by the wealthy and that the focus on wealthy people exploiting other's is unjustified.  She was ruggedly individualist in her thinking and didn't seem to register the exploitative aspects of zero hours contracts or other extreme forms of labour policies at all.  It was as though as Thatcher had said previously 'there was no such thing as society'.  So it became clear to me that actually there really are people who really do question the motivations of  people who claim to be vulnerable. That there really is nothing wrong with rugged individualistic capitalism and what we really need is more of it not less with an attitude of 'if I can make then so can you'.  They really do believe that anything that gets in the way is an excuse and it became clear to me that these are the many millions of people who just voted in this government.   It seemed to me, by the end of the dinner, that over the last 100 years we have been looking at the convergence of the two world views of the non-wealthy and the wealthy both of whom have found it hard to hear each other.  We have gradually seen the decline of ideological extreme politics into managerial politics.  Management of the middle ground. Its all about the middle ground.  It seems to be the case that in some respects we are all capitalists middle grounders now or at least that's what we appear to think is the right place to gravitate towards.  All political debate seems to be about now is how to manage this middle ground.  We are witnessing a constant flux of left and right views about how to manage the middle ground and that actually any extremism on either side is bound to fail in the long term as people have got used to not living in extremist politics and actually quite like the comfortable middle ground.  What constitutes extremism will clearly depend on the point of view, but there does appear to be a widening of the middle, a move away from ideology and towards management.  As to whether this middle is an adequate way to run the world and solve it social and environmental issues is another story.  Anyway we managed to change the discussion away from politics and in the interests of friendship and human unity did not fall out!