We need a new battle ground for politics

Capitalism has adapted and its hard edges which prompted the evolution of socialism been softened but its greed and materialism are causing problems for our world yet the old socialist parties have not been successful in finding a new more fertile ground of human consciousness to appeal to and have the problem that the wealthy have the biggest propaganda marketing machine the world has ever seen . The battle ground is not just economic security but also other vital underpinnings of mental health and wellbeing and we have enough scientific evidence to firmly show that a society run on grounds that support excellent mental health is a far more successful society. This is not a matter of subjectivity. We now know the basis of good mental health and can develop policies that clearly support it. The language has to be found that people can understand but I believe it has been in recent years with contributions to this debate from the Human Givens and a few other notable institutes. People care about their mental health it seems to me and the price of modern hyper capitalism is deteriorating mental health. We all know it. Money has moved from being a thing that makes us free into something that just makes us stressed out. There is an opportunity for political parties to take up this core human issue. Only those that do will succeed in making the next evolution in politics happen. It time to make a political stand for mental health.