Modern science and ancient intuitive spirituality is discovering that all life is interconnected

Modern science and ancient intuitive spirituality is discovering that all life is interconnected, dependant and fundamentally built of the same organising principles. What we perceive as separate are in fact all manifestations of a single principle. This truth is the so called ‘secret’ knowledge of the ancient esoteric schools of spirituality representing subjective consciousness and the same knowledge that is being perceived through the objective consciousness of science and together there is an emerging unification of objective and subjective consciousness. The evolution of money and indeed all our social systems is part of this underlying evolution in our understanding on the underlying interdependence of all life. As we move into this form of knowing then older ideas of separation and individualism will dissipate and fade as they are fundamentally illusory. In fact what we are finding possibly is that the current system of money has both qualities of extreme individualistic competition and profound interconnectivity, although the latter is not recognised it is there all the same and is in fact the true guiding principle of organisation. We are living in an age of transition where older primitive ideas coexist uncomfortably with more sophisticated ideas about life. The zeitgeist of self, ego orientated, survival of the fittest characteristic of modern capitalism that prides itself on the promotion of individualism in fact can only survive through homogenisation and the suppression of individuality as we find time and again in the controlling and dumbing down principles of modern marketing. It is not true capitalism but a form of corporate communism that we are witnessing. Because it is based on illusion however this organising idea will inevitably have to fail, as any erroneous ideas about life are also doomed to fail. Although we continue to cling onto the false security that this veneer of order gives us, we all know deep in our hearts, this is not how life really is and rather like trying to avoid being vomiting when we feel sick because it is not pleasant we know that in the end it is the only way to feel better and we have to let the poison out. In the same way we will give way to a more profound realisation that we are all interdependent beings and have nothing to fear and everything to celebrate from everyone’s individuality as we are all manifestations of the same beautiful essence of life. This is when life can become a true celebration and not a false hedonistic party. This process is emerging and it is simply a matter of waking up and rubbing the sleep of cynicism from our eyes and we will see it everywhere and then we will feel excited to be alive in such a magical world.


Jan 2016