Using Money To Create A Global Culture Of Humanity

As time has gone on technology has made our lives easier and safer and opened up our potential further.  The development of mass technology has necessarily required an evolution of hierarchical social power structures.  The technology of money itself is no exception to this. 

However the end game of this evolution is the true liberation of humanity and not its enslavement.  In the final analysis technology is subservient to this goal and where we forget that we go wrong. 

We need technology and that includes the technology of money to facilitate, not just the creation of more technology (very left brain and logical activity), but more than ever the creative elements of humanity (very right brain and imaginative activity).   

However many people on the planet are very confused as to the true purpose of technology including money technology and they are entranced and entrapped and addicted by its mesmerising power instead of seeing it as tool to develop wider aspects of human development.

This has led to the creation of a culture of hierarchy, control, power and materialism.  It takes a while to change mindsets and this mindset is particularly deep.  Change it must though, if we are to evolve, for it is only by developing the wider aspects of our humanity that we will survive and thrive and reveal the true purpose of our individual and mass humanity.  Failure means we will be, as we currently are all too often already experiencing, at the mercy of the values of technology over those of humanity. 

So technology and particularly money technology needs to focus more than ever of creating systems of human health including more than ever mental health and self-development.   Money needs to facilitate lives of balance, emotional health, clear and creative thinking.  The current model of hierarchy and inequality will not do and are not serving us any longer.  This model is now becoming self defeating and intelligent people everywhere are waking up to this. 

Even though there are individuals who benefit from the current culture and processes and feel they are better off, this culture is not beneficial to human culture as a whole as it is creating enormous bottle necks of creative energy and wasted opportunity, illness, negativity and mental stress.  Those people cannot be left to control the agenda, no matter how powerful they are for they are acting out of self-preservation only and clearly not in the wider interests of society, even though they would have us believe otherwise.

However we cannot easily rely on political and economic public authority, either, to instigate this great shift in human culture as vested interests are very powerful and they will slow things down wherever they can.    That is not to say that we do not need to use these vehicles wherever we can though from an enlightened perspective.

We must, fundamentally however, take matters into our own hands and learn the simple processes of good mental health and spread these ideas as widely as possible in the general population. This is the fastest way to bring about massive cultural change. 

These processes need not any longer be dressed in esoteric language.  Nor are these methods of mental health are not based on ideology and ‘shouldism’ or rule bound morality.  They are universal, democratic and straightforward and explained in a language everyone can appreciate.

These processes are based on simple and non esoteric self motivating methods of mental health that inevitably lead people to the self determined conclusion that lives based on balance of material and non material aspects, self and others, and true needs rather than untrammelled desires bring the greatest health, happiness and fulfilment and allows them to give full play to their talents and creativity for themselves, their families and their communities.

Freyja Theaker

March 2016