What People Are Saying About Emotionally Wealthy People Workshop

The session was fascinating and very insightful. Freyja was a great speaker and facilitator. Her subject knowledge was excellent.
— Manchester Based Therapist
Within 24 hours of the course ending, I had not only taken the actions I had set out for myself but I had, received feedback that lays the stones for the path towards fixing my deficient need. The score has already changed from a 3 to a 6! and that is just the start. Thank you. This course needs to be taught universally.
— Hywel George - Independent Film Maker
If everyone could attend Freyja’s Emotionally Wealthy People Workshop we would quickly make the transition to an economic and monetary system that serves people and planet.
— Jane Taylor - Journalist
A really helpful day. I related to and loved the information and new learning and knowledge.
— Daf Schofield
The day was very informative and motivating. Freyja showed how to address our needs highlighting the absurd relationship most people have with money. I was really motivated at the end of the day. Freyja provided the tools I need to help me get where I want to go.

Schools and Colleges should make it part of their curriculum, having an understanding of our own needs, enables to use money as a tool to success, not replacing it as one of our emotional needs.

It was a great day - and I love your company.
— Paul Warren - Business Owner
Dear Freyja,

It was such a great pleasure to meet you and to experience your wonderful workshop. It was so interesting and informative, I could have listened to you for hours. You have such a talent for expressing a subject normally beyond the comprehension of ‘money phobic’ people like myself! And your very humble way of offering us the gift of your wisdom and advice was gratefully received. There was so much to take in I would happily repeat the day if I got the chance. My profound thanks to you, it was a privilege to hear you speak. I just wish more people could hear what you have to say. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

— Participant Emotional Wealth Workshop Lake District 2017
Hi Freyja,

Thank you very much for the workshop on Monday in Glasgow. It has really opened my eyes to my emotional needs.

I was worried and anxious about securing enough unrestricted money for my charity so I could pay for a shared office space. Today I was going to start a three months trial of a co-working space for £450.

Doing the audit of needs showed me I receive and give a large amount of attention and I’m always busy networking and involved in social activities. What I lack is time alone, time to reflect and time to unwind. So this morning it clicked. I don’t need an expensive co-working space for more networking. I need more time to reflect. So I cancelled the co-working space (saved £450 and a lot of stress about money) and cycled to Cramond beach. Things are starting to make sense to me.

Thank you so much for the excellent workshop with clear messages and your practical approach to understanding emotional needs, patterns and behaviours related to money.

— Participant Emotional Wealthy People Workshop at UnLtd Glasgow March 2018